Thursday, 17 November 2016

A conspiracy of rubbish

Not a conspiracy of actual pieces of rubbish, though looking at the state of the house, it wouldn't surprise me to find that the detritus scattered across every surface has actually become sentient and is starting to gang up on me. Just a conspiracy by the world to have a series of minor, irritating, vexing occurrences take place, any one of which wouldn't have been a problem, but taken together are going to push me over the edge.

Thing 1
Some time ago, our stupid shower door fell off. I managed to temporarily patch it back together, but it's once again dangling by hope, limescale and the slenderest bit of a screw. So, I bought a new door, tracked down a tradesman, and got it all organised. And then the tradesman had a heart attack, poor sod, and quite reasonably isn't going to fit the shower door. So now I have had to do the thing I hate twice and find a replacement tradesman.

Thing 2
I finally, finally, finally, managed to gather together enough gumption to ask around and find a babysitter, and was all lined up for me and LittleBear to meet her tonight prior to her first babysitting session tomorrow, thus allowing BigBear and I to go out. Together. She sent me a message this evening to say her car had broken down and she couldn't come, and sorry.

Thing 3
I parked in the church carpark to collect LittleBear from school today, as is the system. I parked in a marked bay, beside another car. The other car was on the end of the row, next to a nice green expanse of grass. When I returned to the car with LittleBear, I was harangued by the woman with the other car for parking so close to her she couldn't get her child in. I apologised and said I'd merely tried to make sure there was enough room in the carpark for everyone as it's always crowded and was told I should have been more considerate towards her. Right. Because she had completely unfettered access to one side of the car, and there was enough room on the "too close" side for me to get in and out without even noticing the cars were close together, but apparently I was incondsiderate.

Thing 4
I took LittleBear swimming, about half an hour away, along The Road From Hell. The we came home, back along The Road From Hell. And then I found I'd left my handbag at the swimming pool, so back we went for another hour on The Road From Hell to collect my handbag and return home.

Thing 5
My boss has decided he wants to change the way the instrument I'm building is controlled. After I've finished building it. After the components and wiring for the next 4 copies of the instrument have all been built. So I've spent three days attempting to work out how to reconfigure the metres and metres and metres of wiring loom to achieve the desired effect without having to remake all the cables.

The outcome of All These Things is as follows:

Thing 1 - new man coming next Wednesday to fit shower door.
Thing 2 - Piglet stepping in to the breach to babysit. Hooray for lovely friends!
Thing 3 - attempt to learn equanimity in the face of other people's arsiness. Fail and spend the next few weeks parking elsewhere to avoid slightest risk of meeting arsey woman again.
Thing 4 - totally my fault.
Thing 5 - I've done it, but I'm still irked.

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  1. Ouch :-(

    Hope the universe offers lots of little joys in the coming days to make up for this nasty run.