Thursday, 26 May 2016

Playing chicken

I work in a part of the country that has, shall we say, a reputation for being populated with people who are not overly endowed with grey matter. Jokes are made about webbed fingers and marrying cousins. But even by the usual yardsticks of idiocy, a local lad has plumbed new depths. It would appear that, over the weekend, he attempted to play chicken in his car with a building. Unsurprisingly, the building failed to get out of the way. Slightly more surprisingly, he decided not to get out of the way either, thus plunging himself, his car (and his girlfriend) straight through the rear wall of said building. Said building being the one I work in. Fortunately it was into the neighbouring company's half of the building and not ours. Didn't half make a mess though:

We're gonna need a bigger vacuum cleaner
 (These is actually a hole through to the outside, it's just got emergency boarding over it to keep the weather out.)

While this is a disappointing and untidy thing to happen in the offices of a PR company, it would have been absolutely catastrophic if those breeze blocks had come slamming through into the room next door - our laboratory, complete with multiple precision scientific instruments in the middle of being built. 

You can see the boarding now
The first impressive thing is that on the way to ploughing through a solid wall, this young idiot also went straight through a hedge and two air-conditioning heat-exchange units. Apparently nobody explained the rules of "chicken" to the shrubbery. The second impressive thing is there were no skid marks in the car-park at all. He really, really, really didn't try and stop. The third, and most impressive, thing is that neither he nor his girlfriend suffered any serious injuries. Natural selection is failing to work. Though if his girlfriend has any sense she's not his girlfriend any more, which will at least temporarily prevent him infecting the genetic pool.

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