Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas in numbers

I have been on the go almost constantly since a small body launched itself on top of me and declared "It's Christmas and I really need a wee!" It's been a busy, fun, hectic day with 4 children under 11. Everyone has been fed, watered and provided with a plentiful sufficiency of presents. I've even had the chance to Skype my lovely, lovely cousin KoalaBear (she's in Australia, what do you expect me to call her?) and BrotherBear, with GrannyBear lurking in the background while the BearCousins waved their favourite new toys at me.

And I have a super-duper splendid new little laptop that I can write all my random burblings on without half-inching BigBear's laptop. Yes, you're right, BigBear did give it to me. No, of course there was no ulterior motive, it was because he loves me. He told me so.

And since it seems too hard to try and condense today into anything particularly coherent, especially after a few glasses of wine, I shall instead condense it into a numerical summary:

0... fights, fallings out, fractious words or fisticuffs

1... extremely happy, extremely excited, extremely tired LittleBear

1.5... hours spent playing in bed with spinosaurus, bunny and a head-torch before getting up

2... new toy dinosaurs (Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus, since you ask)

3... cousins to play with

4... hours LittleBear managed to contain himself before being able to open his Christmas presents

5... new books to read (for me)

10... people round the table for lunch

12... hours LittleBear kept going without rest, pause or relief before finally collapsing into bed.

13... hours LittleBear kept going without rest, pause or relief before finally falling asleep.

15.5... pounds of turkey

39... roast potatoes (all eaten)

53... brussel sprouts (not all eaten)

60... hours of extra sleep BigBear and I would both like now and are not going to get

Uncounted... the number of presents under the tree

Uncountable... the warmth and love and joy and memories made and shared today. There is nothing in the world as lovely as the joy a small boy finds in Christmas and nothing as infectious as his excitement.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Now, about those sixty extra hours of sleep I'd like...

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