Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Best laid plans

I have these idealised plans about fantastic crafty, creative things that I will do with LittleBear. They rarely come to fruition. Actually I have fantastic crafty creative plans for myself as well, and they only slightly less rarely come to fruition.

This week's marvellous plan involved me having bought a sheet of A2 card, and mounted a map of the Isle of Wight in the middle of it. The idea was we could draw pictures, stick photos and mementoes on, mark the places we'd been, and generally get LittleBear involved in the process of what we were doing and where we were going and have a bit of fun with colouring and gluing.

It's already over half way through the holiday and we have done absolutely nothing towards this project. We've been too busy digging in the sand, eating ice-cream and playing with dinosaurs. So, today I cut up some small cards and started doing little drawings of buckets and spades and of ice-creams and of dinosaur footprints. Once LittleBear spotted this, he had a little strop because he'd wanted to cut out the cards... Then he spent about five minutes with me gluing them on, before getting bored and asking me to glue the rest on while he ate some chocolate cake. So much for that plan.

LittleBear then spent TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES sitting with a sheet of scrap paper (a data sheet from Applied Kilovolts as it turned out) and a pair of scissors, cutting the paper into tiny, tiny pieces.

There's a lesson in here somewhere. Something to do with leading horses to water. Or simple things making the best toys. Or the contrariness of small boys. Or the idiocy of trying to make grand plans when you are in the company of the Captain of Idiosyncracy.

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