Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Reasons my son is crying

For those who haven't seen it, there are some giggles to be had over at the Reasons My Son Is Crying website. I apologise for the lack of photographs of LittleBear crying, but here, in no particular order, are some of the reasons my son has cried in the past week:

  • He stood on my foot and I said "Ow!"
  • I said "I don't know" when he asked me (for the 53rd time) what his great white shark was going to say about 'that'. ('That' in this case being his selection of socks for the day)
  • His favourite shorts were in the wash and not available to wear.
  • I was unable to tell him exactly how long it would take to get home after nursery.
  • He didn't get to pour his own cup of milk. After watching me get out the cup, get out the milk, put the cup down in front of him, pour milk into it and put the milk away. And then he asked if he could pour. And then? "I will never, ever, ever get to pour my own milk ever, ever again" accompanied by wailing sobs.
  • David Attenborough said that the plankton were going to die (The Blue Planet).
  • David Tennant said the emperor penguin chicks would never see their parents again (Spy in the Huddle)
  • I took my shoes off before LittleBear took his shoes off.
  • I got to the bottom of the stairs before LittleBear.
  • The cat managed to squeeze through the front door ahead of LittleBear.
  • I said that he couldn't watch a second episode of The Blue Planet that day ("I will never, ever, ever be able to watch it ever, ever again")
  • I said it was bath-time ("I will never, ever, ever be able to play this game ever, ever again")
  • I said it was time to brush his teeth ("I will never, ever, ever play with lego ever, ever again")
  • We ran out of his favourite cereal ("I will never, ever, ever have Start ever, ever again") 
  • There are no dinosaurs alive any more for him to see.
  • Megalodon is not alive any more for him to see. 
  • I failed to remind his to look out of the car window to see the bridge. The same bridge we drive over twice a day, three times a week and have done for the past two and a half years. ("I will never, ever, ever see the little bridge ever, ever again")
  • It took a long time to get to CousinBear's house ("Are we ever going to get there?") To be fair, I was getting close to tears as the fourth hour of averaging 30mph ticked past, so I think I can forgive him this one.

I've had to add a new rule to the List of Rules - no saying "I will never..." about something that isn't true. It's driving me round the bend, really it is. But, that aside, I can't help thinking that it must be emotionally exhausting to be three. So very many things that are so very, very upsetting.

And then... I realised when I collected him from nursery and was met by a bouncing, happy, gleeful boy, that I was actually very lucky. Because he wasn't the little boy sitting, waiting by his peg, sobbing. The little boy who apparently cries whenever he sees a parent arrive to collect their child and it isn't his mother or father. The little boy who wouldn't accept cuddles and comfort from the carers because all he wanted was one of his own parents. Because I think that would destroy me.

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