Monday, 29 June 2015

Not quite like his mother

Two conversations with LittleBear today.

After he had carefully lined up his pieces of croissant in size order, to save the biggest for last:

PB: You are the funniest LittleBear in the world
LB: And the loveliest.
PB: Yes. And the loveliest <kiss>

On the bus going home:

LB: <out of the blue> I love you Mummy
PB: I love you too sweetheart.
LB: That's good <nodding contentedly>
PB: It's nice to love each other isn't it? And Daddy loves me and you as well, and we love Daddy, so that's good isn't it?
LB: We love each other all together!
LB: Everyone loves me.
PB: Yes my sweet, everyone loves you. I don't think anyone could meet you and not love you.
LB: And the people who haven't met me. Even people who haven't met me love me.

Is there really such a fine line between self confidence and narcissism?  Because I was aiming to make sure he was confident and secure about his place in the world, and our love for him. He seems to have taken that and run with it though...

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