Sunday, 24 May 2015

Always have an engineer among your friends

Yesterday dawned bright, if not exactly sunny, so LittleBear and I made a quick trip to 'Screwfix' to stock up on a wide variety of nails, screws, panel pins and drill bits before starting work. We weren't expecting Colleague and Wife until after lunch, so I needed to introduce a certain level of delaying tactics as well. There were only a limited number of construction jobs that could be attempted without our tame expert.

Step 1: bring the required pieces of timber round into the garden.

Step 2: learn to hammer with Daddy

Step 3: drilling holes to fit hinges to a door

And then the Construction Department arrived, and we could start in earnest with:

Step 4: assembling the walls onto the base, clamping and strapping before drilling and screwing.

It did all get a bit tiring though...

Step 5: hanging the door

It was at this point that the DIY skills required slipped beyond my reach. A paring chisel was needed. Knowledge of how to use a paring chisel was needed. Skill at using a paring chisel was needed. I knew it was a good idea to ask Colleague to help (and yes, the door opens and closes perfectly). 

Colleague did make maximum use of having a LittleBear to pass him tools, screws, clamps and straps.

Step 6: sawing the roof spars to fit.

Sawing was what LittleBear had been looking forward to more than anything, and Colleague duly taught him the single most important part of concentrating while building – sticking your tongue out of the corner of your mouth.

Step 7: fitting the roof

With the aid of a step-ladder (second only in excitement value to a saw), LittleBear was able to continue to pass tools to Colleague on demand.

Step 8: in which LittleBear has dinner and a bath, and Colleague and Wife nobly fit all of the felt to the roof, unassisted and un-photographed.

Step 9: finishing touches

And then, finally, LittleBear went to bed, having been carried outside in his pyjamas to see his completed playhouse, and I took Colleague and Wife out for a well-earned meal. And today? LittleBear's cousins have come to visit, and everyone had a chance to play...

(Smallest BearCousin is inside the playhouse, and I don't think her brother is stopping her from coming out. On the other hand, since his father is my big brother, it's entirely possible history is repeating itself in this photo...)

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