Saturday, 28 January 2017

Vignette #1

Since I seem to have stalled a little bit on the blogging front, aside from intermittent ranting about politics or education or both, I'm going to try a little experiment. I'm going to try posting little moments. Observations or quirks of LittleBear, not anything with a particular point to it, simply something endearing or amusing (in the eyes of his doting mother anyway!) and hope that not attempting to write long, moderately coherent, posts will make it easier for me to write again.

So herewith today's observation by my LittleBear...

I had been demonstrating to him that IdiotCat does not, in fact, understand English, and that as long as I speak in a soft, kind voice to IdiotCat while rubbing his chin, he will be happy. But I can say anything I like. Mostly I resort to calling him an idiot, but in a nice way. I explained (but didn't demonstrate) that I could equally well shout at IdiotCat that he was the loveliest cat in the world and I would feed him tuna every day for the rest of his life, and he'd still be scared and run away, as he only understands tone of voice.

LittleBear considered this situation for a while, and then made a helpful suggestion...

"Mummy? Maybe we could go back to the Blue Cross and see if we can find one of puss's old friends. And the Blue Cross might have had time to teach his old friend English. So we could bring puss's old friend to live with us, and they would understand each other, and the old friend would be able to tell puss what we were saying."

I'm not sure which idea I think is the more endearing: that IdiotCat will have had friends while he was in the shelter, or that given enough time and training the lovely people at the shelter would be able to teach a cat English. There are days I wish I lived in LittleBear's world.

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