Saturday, 20 August 2016

What I did on my summer holidays

Since I'm a bit too tired to write, I've decided instead to just hurl some photos at the screen and see what happens. Maybe this is more of a plog than a blog today?

Just look at the pretty pictures....

Give him a rock, and he'll climb it

If he's not climbing them, he's jumping off them

Or persuading Daddy to
join the jumping fun

How can I not be restored with this view?

How about when those same mountains disappear
for several days on end?

I turn my back and LittleBear gets over-ambitious
with his choice of rock for our dam-building

The hydrologist pauses to consider
his next step

Leading his mother and grandmother
up the mountain

LittleBear really does like
to be in the lead

In which I discover the stepping stones
are probably best not attempted
by 4-year olds

A rock and a river are made for each other

Thumbs up for another conquest

Being a 'jagular' in a tree

Me and my boy in the shadow of a mightier peak

Are there any bears in these woods?

We retreated shortly after this photo, when
GrannyBear was nearly blown off the mountain.

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