Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Sometimes LittleBear likes to play I-spy.

Sometimes LittleBear likes to play snap.

One day in the car he played something that I think of as I-snap.

Imagine if you will our daily routine. I am driving, LittleBear is in his seat in the back. Clutched in his hands are a small white bunny and a dinosaur. I am expected to provide the voice of Bunny, while LittleBear provides the voice of whichever dinosaur is gracing our presence today. We discuss the world around us; we muse on the wonders of the moving box we are in; we contemplate why the sky is turning pink. Bunny is expected to be woefully ignorant of all aspects of the physical world, while the dinosaur solemnly educates his imbecilic leporine companion. Every day we drive over a bridge, from which (miraculously, as we are generally travelling at about 50mph, with the windows closed) the dinosaur manages to catch some fish. And some ichthyostega. And, for bunny, some underwater carrots. I don't know, I didn't make this game up.

On the day in question, Spiny the Spinosaurus caught hundreds of underwater carrots...

Spiny: Let's play snap with underwater carrots!
Bunny: <mystified> Erm, are we going to play snap by matching the sizes of the carrots?
Spiny: <witheringly> Nooooo. They've got little pictures on them.
Bunny: Oh, I see.

"Spiny" then proceeded to inspect each virtual carrot in turn, and announce what was on the picture. There then followed a stream-of-consciousness declaration of the things that LittleBear Spiny could see.

Steering wheel!

It was a tricky game for Bunny to play, not being able to see the imaginary pictures on the invisible underwater carrots....

Bunny attempted to join in by announcing things she could see. This was All Wrong and Strictly Forbidden.

Spiny then moved on from I-snap to what I suppose we might call imaginary-snap (i-snap?) Spiny started shouting out the names of dinosaurs and various other prehistoric creatures, occasionally repeating himself, declaring "Snap!" and winning the pile of carrots. A little while later, Bunny was informed that Spiny had won all the carrots. And thus the game ended. I think I prefer I-spy.

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