Sunday, 2 August 2015

The wonderful world of the Underground Cat

Mummy? Do you know something?

No, what is it love?

There's a kind of cat that lives underground. It's called an Underground Cat. It lives soooo deep, it's even underneath the dinosaur bones.

Really? What sort of a cat is it? Is it like DaftMoggy?

It's bigger than DaftMoggy, and bigger than a tiger, and bigger than Daddy. It has really, really big teeth. Bigger than a tiger. Bigger than a Great White Shark. Even bigger than a T. rex.

It's got black fur, and black skin, and you can't film it because it's so dark, even if you go down in an underground lift. You can only see a pair of eyes that are bright. And sometimes you can see the end of a tail twitching.

If the Underground Cat can't find a hole in the world to live in, then sometimes it lives in a factory, but only if there aren't any workmen in the factory. Sometimes it goes into a factory that's never had any workmen in it. A brand new factory. And it makes the things that the factory makes, instead of the workmen doing the work. But it doesn't go into the factory if there are workmen there.

Sometimes the Underground Cat is actually in the shallow sandy sea-bed.

Really? How does it breathe?

It has a tube that comes out of its tummy and its back and it goes all the way up to the surface of the sea so that it can breathe air. But then if it goes back into its cave then it folds the tube up and puts it away cos it doesn't need it any more, it can just breathe air like us.

And when it's in the sandy sea-bed you can film the Underground Cat because it isn't as dark as it is when it's in its underground hole.

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